Blood pressure and diabetes. Study uncovers why COVID-19 is more deadly for some people with diabetes than others

blood pressure and diabetes

[Glycated hemoglobin as an option in screening for metabolic syndrome]

It found that type 2 diabetes is associated with a higher risk of mortality in hospitalised COVID patients than type 1 diabetes. The combination of an blood pressure and diabetes age and high C-reactive protein CRP was also linked to a higher risk of death.

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Younger people under 70 years old with chronic kidney disease, a common long-term complication of diabetes, also had a higher likelihood of dying. BMI, however, was not linked to survival.

Warning over young diabetics' health

The information has been used to create a simple model which can be used to predict which patients are at higher risk of death. While people with diabetes are no more likely to contract COVID than others, they are more likely to become severely ill if they do catch it.

It has been unclear, however, if certain characteristics put some people with diabetes at higher risk of serious illness and death than others.

The 1, patients from seven hospitals in northwest England had an average age of Most Median BMI was The greater socio-economic deprivation and older age of the patients studied may help explain why the seven-day mortality was higher than in other studies, says Dr Llanera.

Heart disease, fluctuating blood pressure, and diabetes meet Proinsulin C-peptide

However, further research is needed to confirm this. Approximately one in ten patients 9. Analysis showed that those with type 2 diabetes were 2.

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Risk of death was also higher among unders with chronic kidney disease. They were 2.

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This may lead to direct attack of the kidneys by the virus, possibly leading to worse overall outcomes. The data has used to create a model, which, if applied to a patient with similar demographic characteristics, can predict a higher risk of death in 7 days using only age and CRP as variables.

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This means we can easily identify patients early on their hospital stay who will likely require more aggressive interventions to try and improve survival. Nor was any significant association seen with diabetes complications, other than chronic kidney disease, or use of ACE inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers ARBs - types of blood pressure drugs.

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The proportion of patients 9. Media Contact.

Blood Pressure \u0026 Diabetes Complications

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