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Részletes leírás Rationale for this Study Primary Existing routine health statistics underestimates the rate of morbidity due to diabetes complications. To provide more realistic estimation of morbidity, repeated epidemiological studies are essential in assessment of tendencies in diabetes medical care at the country level.

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They allow to reveal issues, which, being resolved, can contribute to the improvement of diabetes medical care effectiveness. Guidelines developed with this study data may save healthcare budgets and prevent financial losses due to diabetes-related morbidity and disability.

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Study design The hired medical team 9 specialists is going to perform the technical study-related tasks in Moscow Region.

Target population includes approximatelydiabetes mellitus patients included in Regional Diabetes Mellitus Register, from which patients will be selected via random sampling patients.

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A special rented medical bus will accommodate the study personnel at the place and all the local study-related activities. The medical team will admit up to 35 study subjects per day.

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This study has descriptive character. There is no any comparison to be performed. Átfogó állapot.

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