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How many tests are performed each day?

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Why is data on testing important? All we know is the infection status of those who have been tested.

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All those who have hungary statistics lab-confirmed infection are counted as confirmed cases. This means that the counts of confirmed cases depend on how much a country actually tests.

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Without testing there is no data. Testing is our window onto the pandemic and how it is spreading.

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Without data on who is infected by the virus we have no way of understanding the pandemic. Without this data we cannot know which countries are doing well, and which are just underreporting cases and deaths. To interpret any data on confirmed cases we need to know how much testing for COVID the country actually does.

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The testing dataset is updated around twice a week. And as with all our work, it is freely accessible for everyone.

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The data can be downloaded here on GitHub. Hungary: Are countries testing enough to monitor their outbreak? Click to open interactive version To be able to properly monitor the spread of the virus, hungary statistics with more widespread outbreaks need to do more testing. So one important way to understand if countries are testing sufficiently is to ask: What share of the tests confirm a case?

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What is the positive rate? This is what the map here shows.

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If you are interested in the development over time you can simply click on the country in the map or switch to the Chart-tab at benőtt köröm kezelés cukorbetegség bottom of the visualization. We see enormous differences across countries.

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Others, such as Mexico, several South American countries, and Nigeria, only do a handful of tests — five or fewer — for every confirmed case.

Countries that do very few tests per confirmed case are unlikely to be testing widely enough to find all cases. In countries that test very little in relation to their outbreak — shown in shades of red in the chart — many cases are likely to go unreported. In these countries, the number of confirmed cases indicated may represent only a fraction of the total number of cases.

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